AGAINST x Backdoor Bodega: FORMULA X29

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Backdoor Bodega and AGAINST present, "FORMULA X29": an ode to the young child inside of us with dreams bigger than our heads, and a curious mind thirsty to soak up inspiration everywhere we go. Inspired by a bespectacled cartoon boy-genius from our childhoods, the "FORMULA X29" cocktail is a toast to the naivety and eagerness of our younger selves to experiment, invent, and create — and long may we continue to do so, wherever our secret little hidden laboratories might be.

AGAINST is a multi-disciplinary creative clothing brand based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Juniper berry, ambarella, nutmeg, pickled mango, Kickapoo "Joy Juice" reduction, young ginger, honey, blue curaçao, citric solution.

Tasting Notes:
A fruity and tangy liqueur with subtle hints of ginger spiciness.

Product Specifications:
• Volume: 375ml (makes 4~5 servings)
• 15% ABV
• Can be served straight from the bottle with ice, topped with cold soda, or shaken with lemon juice, egg white, and ice