Cap Pintu Medicated Cocktail

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Are the daily headlines on the pandemic and politics giving you unnecessary headaches? Does working from home feel worse than being in the office? Are you feeling sick of not having a real social life anymore?

The Cap Pintu Medicated Cocktail is the perfect remedy for headaches and stress from the everyday bullshit you have to deal with in life. Presented in a handy little bottle that fits in your pocket, purse, or office drawer easily, so you can always reach for a quick relief anytime.

Giffard Menthe-Pastille, Giffard Poire William Eau de Vie, Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Luxardo Sambuca, and Dry Vermouth.

Tasting Notes:
A minty Martini.

Product Specifications:
• Volume: 60ml
• Stir with ice until well-chilled (15~20 seconds) before serving
• Serve in chilled coupe glass and garnish with lemon peel